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St. Albert Cake Smash Photographer ~ Lennon's 2nd Birthday

This is a fun post for me because today is our little Lennon's 2nd birthday1! Lennon is my cousin's little one and she is so so loved in our family! This spunky little girl has our sassy Bodnar gene (like our late grandmother had) and it's always so cute and hard not to smile and laugh being around her!

Last year for Lennon's 1st birthday we did a cake smash and it was so much fun! Even when one of the balloons with icing on it popped and got icing ALL over my office!! At first Lennon wasn't entirely sure about the cake but eventually she dug in and had a great time and did so well!!

tomorrow we will celebrate Lennon's birthday with an adorable Moana theme, my favourite!! We also will be celebrating my cousin's last few weeks of being a family of three as we have another family member on the way shortly!!

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet little Lennon girl!

Melissa xoxo



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