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Downtown Edmonton Wedding ~ Jessi + Ben

On this chilly September evening, i'm reminded how gorgeous the weather was at this beautiful wedding last year on this day! I LOVE fall weddings because they (usually) have such nice weather and with the leaves changing, it makes for unreal pictures, and it's not too hot so I can shoot and not be sweating like crazy! haha!

Looking back, Jessi and Ben's wedding was probably one of my favourites of the year last year! The U of A Botanical Gardens is one of the BEST venues in Edmonton because of the diversity and variety of looks you can get from just one spot in the park! It pushes me to step out of my comfort zone and try something new every time because why would I not try while i'm there already?!

Everything from the start to finish of Jessi + Ben's day was so beautiful and fun for me to shoot! I feel like I really found a new stride of confidence during this wedding and I tried out some new shots that I still use for weddings now!

Enjoy these super gorgeous pictures (I might be a little biased) ;)




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