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St. Albert Cake Smash ~ Cohen S

Happy 2nd Birthday to the cutest and most handsome little dude, Cohen!!

I can't believe this fun cake smash session was already a year ago! I still remember laughing at Cohen as he watched his Mommy and Auntie jumping around behind me (making some questionable noises) as they tried to get him to laugh! To say it worked, is an understatement! This little cutie was grinning from ear to ear, which made this session so so perfect!!

Watching little Cohen grow up the last two years has been so fun and amazing! Hearing his little laugh and being around his energetic energy at family gatherings is so entertaining and warms everyones heart!

Kaila, my cousin, is the most unbelievable, perfect, super hero of a Mom that gets to raise him, and watching her do so is inspiring! These two are the ultimate duo, watching them go through life together is something a movie should be made from! I love seeing all the adventures they go on and the new things they are both teaching each other!

I love you both, Kaila and Cohen! Have the best day together, stay strong and I can't wait to hug and see both of you hopefully very soon! xoxoxox

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