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Grassland Alberta Wedding Photographer ~ 1st Anniversary ~ Emily + Colton

to go with all the covid cancellations and changes the past two years, Emily and Colton had to move their wedding to welcome their sweet little girl Tenley, into this world! I'm so happy I was still able to do their wedding after their date change because I have a special connection with Emily. She was in one of my very first wedding's out in the Grassland and Athabasca areas and I love seeing familiar faces when I go out to the country! I truly feel like i'm apart of so many of their families and it feels so amazing!

I also can't believe that last November 6th, we had no snow, it was above 0 degrees and it truly felt like Fall still! Emily + Colton had such a perfect day filled with laughs, love and climbing on top of hay bales for the ultimate bridal party photo!!

Happy 1st Anniversary to Emily + Colton!! I truly wish you a life of happiness and that your anniversary in Mexico is warm and beautiful!! you two deserve all the love in the world!

Melissa xox



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