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Edmonton Wedding Photographer ~ Pam + Kelly ~ Wedding Anniversary

So a few days before June 4th I pulled out the folder on my laptop to do Pam and Kelly's 1st year anniversary post and now it's June 16th... I actually think my brain has been foggy because of my allergies (from the smoke) this year!!

Anywaaaaays, a year ago I celebrated an amazing day with Pam and Kelly! It was so nice to see them surrounded by their lovely friends and family. Pam and Kelly are two of the nicest people i've ever met and I had such a great day with them!!

It was fun going downtown Edmonton to the funicular for pictures and I loved being back at one of my favourite venues (the St. Albert Kinsmen Club)!

Happy 1st Anniversary to Pam and Kelly, I hope for many many many more years of love and happiness!!

Melissa xox



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