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Edmonton Engagement Photographer ~ Alliyah + Chris

I was out of town the last 3 weeks so I wasn't able to blog this session when I originally wanted to so, so today is the day!

Just slightly over a year ago, my friend Chris reached out about a surprise proposal to his girlfriend (and my friend) Alliyah! I seriously LOVE these types of sessions because surprises are just so much fun to plan and it feels so good to be apart of such a special moment! Since Alliyah is a pretty smart girl, we knew we had to plan it perfectly so she wouldn't suspect anything! At the beginning of the year last year, I was helping my friend Jayme learn photography and knew that I could get her to help us as well! So I messaged Alliayh asking her and Chris to model for Jayme and I so she could practice!

Thankfully Alliyah had no idea and the rest is history! It was such an amazing night and she was so surprised and happy! It was so beautiful and I can't wait for their wedding next year!!

Mel xox



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