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Edmonton Boudoir Photographer ~ Alida W

Happy 2023! I cannot believe we are almost 3 months into this year already! I have been busy traveling and exploring some new business ventures, aka trying to figure out my life and dealing with a quarter life crisis.. LOL

With that being said, I thought it's time to finally do another blog post before I jet off again!

Today I am featuring the beautiful Alida! She came to me in hopes of finding some confidence and getting some gorgeous pictures of herself; and that she did! My favourite part about shooting boudoir is showing the ladies (that are nervous or insecure), the power they truly have! I love uplifting these gals and showing them their inner and outer beauty. It always warms my heart when I give my clients a quick sneak peek off the back of my camera during the shoot and see them absolutely LIGHT up with happiness and confidence!

Alida was strong, confident and beautiful during her shoot and i'm so happy she found exactly what she was looking for!

Melissa xox



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