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Spruce Grove Engagement ~ Karisa + Matt

Super excited for Karisa and Matt's wedding tomorrow because t's always fun shooting a friend's wedding!! The weird thing is it's my last full wedding day of the season though (that I have booked anyways), which is super weird to say as it's only the beginning of July.. This year sure has had so many ups and downs but i'm so glad I still have a have a few weddings to be apart of, especially this one!

Looking back, Karisa + Matt's engagement session was so much fun! I always say, even though you may be cold, you'll get some amazing pictures, and that they did (I may be a little biased..)! We got pretty lucky because it was beautiful outside and Karisa and Matt are SO fun to photograph so it didn't matter we were out in the snow with no jackets on!

These two are going to look amazing tomorrow on their special day and I can't wait! xox

Melissa :)

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