St. Albert Maternity ~ Ashley + Kyle Davidson

Exactly one year ago today Ashley and I were sitting in the airport, about to head to California! We were about to leave on our week long trip to go spend time at Disneyland and Universal Studios. Little did I know, the plans were going to be slightly changed. While sitting waiting for our flight, Ashley looks at me and says "So I might not really be able to go on many rides at the parks this week...." and right away I knew. My eyes filled up with tears as I somehow realized exactly what she was talking about! It was her sneaky way of telling me that she is pregnant and I couldn't of been happier for my friend!

Fast forward to our amazingly, beautiful summer evening taking these stunning pictures! Of course Ashley showed up in the most gorgeous dress, Kyle looked super handsome and they were both ready to rock their session together!

I'm so, so happy for Ashley, Kyle and their adorable little babe Callie! I can't believe she's already four months as i'm writing this and I can't wait to watch her grow up!

Love Mel xoxo


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