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Edmonton Wedding Photographer ~ 1st Anniversary ~ Jacqueline + Jeff

I seriously cannot believe that Jackie and Jeff's wedding was already a year ago! I had SO much fun at their wedding because I was truly treated like family by the end of it! I felt the love between Jackie and Jeff and all their family and friends!

This wedding was also extremely special because Jeff got to have his kids and adorable grandkids attend and be apart of the wedding party as well! I loved seeing Jacqueline welcome his kids into her life and accept them as her family, it was so touching!

Jackie and Jeff's reception was also WILD! The music was bumping, the shots were pouring and the laughs were happening! I also really loved being able to run around the Quarry Golf Course with the two of them, especially after dinner and more importantly after some drinks! WE got some beautiful pictures that I know will be some of my personal favourites (I know i'm a bit biased)!

anyways, Happy, happy, happy 1st Anniversary to Jackie and Jeff, I know you two will have endless happy years together and create so many more amazing memories!

xox Melissa

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Edmonton Golf Course Wedding Ceremony


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