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Edmonton Photographer ~ Grade 12 Graduation ~ Jill & Troy

Grad season is coming up so today i'm blogging my session with Jill, Troy and their parents!

We met up at the Edmonton Legislature Building downtown and captured some beautiful family and graduation portraits! The day we met for our session, there was a ton of rain right before our time slot, (the joys of summer sessions), but thankfully the rain went away at the right time! the cloudiness of the day really made for perfect lighting, which always makes me happy!! What i like about grad sessions when they are separate from the actual graduation day, is the calmness we can have. Theres no stress or rush to get the pictures before heading off for the rest of the day festivities. Plus, if you do your session before your actual big day, it gives you the chance to see if your outfit makes you happy and if you need to last minute change your shoe choice! I call it a trial run!

Happy Grad Season 2022 Graduates!!




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