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Edmonton Elopement Photographer ~ Keira + Darion

So I don't know where time is going but I had this blog post on my calendar for last Thursday and now it's 4 days later and I am now just getting to it... Anywaaays..

I have found that since covid, people are doing smaller elopements, which have been so beautiful to be apart of! These smaller celebrations are wonderful because it creates a moment that you truly can't get when you get married in front of hundreds of people.

Just over a year ago, Keira reached out to me regarding her intimate elopement that her and her fiancé Darion were going to be having! I was so excited to be apart of this special day, and even more excited that the makeup artist is one of my best pals in the industry! Keira and Darion shared a heart filled moment that had Mom, Dad and even myself, crying!

Happy 1st Anniversary to Keira + Darion!! I hope for all the best and many more years of happiness!!




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