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Edmonton Couples ~ Manchester Square ~ Bree-Lynn + Sam

Yesterday was my best friend's one year anniversary with her boyfriend. I was so excited and ready to blog their session we did last spring! But this is the literal extent of my brain after an insanely busy wedding and fall photography season and what my day was like yesterday.

10am - I was at work and I told myself, "blog Bree-Lynn and Sam's session when you get home"!

1pm - At this point i'm at home, and I tell myself again to blog Bree-Lynn and Sam's session. But then I remembered I leave for Vegas in less than two weeks and absolutely need to book my covid test to return home. Which also led to me booking some restaurant reservations and completely forgetting to blog once again.

3pm - While booking reservations and looking up things to do in Vegas, my Mom and I start watching the Bachelorette, which of course is very distracting.. hahaha

5pm - Ok now i'm ready to blog Bree-Lynn and Sam's session, but MAN am I HUNGRY! So of course, I put it off once again. Especially because my dinner was going to be super delicious and I thought about making it all day. lol

7pm - i've been sick with a cold for almost a week now and I knew I wanted to take NyQuil to help me sleep again. So after cleaning up dinner, I get into my pyjamas, brush my teeth and crawl into bed to watch one episode of The Office before I take my NyQuil and i'm knocked the hell out for the night. Just as I take the NyQuil I think to myself "ohhh my god, I forgot to blog.....". At this point I knew my cold medicine would be knocking me out in less than 10 minutes and if I even tried to write something, It probably would of made no sense!

Anywaaaaays, so after that long drawn out story, I want to share the pictures from my session with Bree-Lynn and Sam! These two are seriously perfect for each other!! Last year when they met, I hadn't even met Sam yet (thanks to covid and all the quarantines), but through Bree-Lynn's snapchats and Instagram stories, I could tell he was truly a one of a kind guy! It makes me so happy that my best friend is happy and well taken care of because she deserves the world!!

Happy 1st Anniversary to Bree-Lynn and Sam!! I hope for you two to have many many many more years together, lots more puppies in your lives and for me to get the chance to get to know Sam more!

Love Mel xox


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