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Caribbean Cruise ~ Destination Wedding ~ Alyssa + Chris

I love cruises and I love shooting weddings, so what better combination to go on the Adventure of the Seas cruise to shoot Alyssa and Chris' wedding! Can't believe this trip was already a year ago, it was so much fun and I totally hope I can do another destination wedding soon!

Alyssa and Chris decided to tie the knot on the day we were in San Juan, Puerto Rico! They did an early afternoon ceremony and reception, which left us a beautiful time at sunset to capture some amazing photographs during our formals! It was such an eventful day and an amazing week! They both have such sweet families and I loved getting to know them and receiving this amazing opportunity!

Rest in peace and love sent to the Herbert family on the loss of a special man!

Happy 1st Anniversary to Alyssa and Chris, have the best day and many years together!


P.S - If you know someone wanting to do a destination wedding, point them in my direction! I give incredible deals to be able to travel to your location for your wedding! xoxoxo

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