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Edmonton 30th Birthday Celebration ~ Steph & Jessie

From what i've seen (as i'm not quite there yet, lol), people either celebrate with parties and pictures or hide away and don't mention the fact they're turning 30!

Jessie and Steph decided to celebrate it with the best way possible, with cake, boozy drinks and a photoshoot! We had so much fun during our session! It was the first time i've done a 30th birthday shoot and i'd highly suggest it! When else can a grown ass adult dive face first into cake, right?!

Steph planned the best day for her best friend because after our fun in the studio, she took Jessie back to her house, where a "Friends" themed 30th birthday surprise party was set up for her!

I hope to feel as happy as these two were on their 30th birthdays!!


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