St. Albert Boudoir Photographer ~ Megan Vickery

The first time I met Megan I was at West Edmonton Mall and I told her brother (who I am really good friends with) that he had to buy her new shoes for whatever reason. Since then i'd say we have a pretty good friendship!

I've always loved this girl, she's incredibly gorgeous and puts a smile on my face every time I see her! She's also my go to for when I need a model and her snapchat stories are usually my favourite as well!

A few weeks ago I went through a pretty bad breakup and was in Lush (where she works) and I broke down in tears, she right away knew what to do, she left for a moment and came back with a free bag of goodies for me. I am honestly so grateful and can't believe i'm friends with such a wonderful human being.

Enjoy these gorgeous images of one of my favourite people! :)

Mel xoxoxo

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