St. Albert Engagement Photographer ~ Corey & Charlene

I'm so so so excited to write this blog post! I've been waiting for months! So enjoy! :)

I got into a bad car accident in November of 2013 which led me going to Sturgeon Valley Physiotherapy for a few months while I healed. Eventually after months of lots of physio sessions I was able to receive some massages that were covered from the accident, and this is where I met Charlene! We bonded over many hours of massages and I consider her one of my close friends!

Over the time we would talk about our puppies, boyfriends and life! I remember the many times she would tell me that she thought Corey was going to propose to her. She was so excited and hopeful. But it never ended up happening and I eventually stopped going for massages as my coverage was over!

A few months later I get a VERY excited message threw Facebook from Charlene saying that Corey finally popped the question! I was SO excited for her and couldn't wait to hear the date she would be choosing for her wedding, knowing I would be photographing it!!

I'm so excited for their wedding this summer and am very happy to finally be sharing their engagement pictures! :)

Melissa xox

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