St. Albert Family Photographer ~ Townsend Family

Late of last year I met the Townsend family and I knew right away they would be become close friends of mine. Sara and Trevor brought their boys into my studio for some pictures; the kids sat so well and had the cutest smiles that absolutely made my day!

Recently I was looking for a family to do my first documentary session with and Sara mentioned that this type of session was on her '2016 list of things to do'! She got so excited and shared the many wonderful ideas she had in mind for this session! So without even a second thought we set up the day and time and I went and spent 4 hours with them!

We spent our time together reading books, playing with toys, making lunch and just having a wonderful, relaxing Saturday morning.

I hope that I am lucky enough to one day have a beautiful family and home of my own, that I can be proud of just like the Townsend family. They warm my heart and i'm so lucky to of met them!

Enjoy, xoxo

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