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1st Year Anniversary ~ St. Albert Wedding ~ Lauren + Brandon

I cannot believe it's already been one year since this absolutely gorgeous wedding day!!

I was soooo happy when Lauren and Brandon told me that they decided to go ahead with their special day! Because at this point most weddings had been cancelled or rescheduled because of covid. I truly think that the brides of 2020 and 2021 deserve a trophy because I couldn't even imagine what they had to and are still going through. A few months before Lauren and Brandon's wedding, Lauren had told me about her plans of having their mini reception in their garage. Since this was the only option to have a reception during a pandemic. I'd be lying if I said i wasn't nervous about the idea. But when I showed up to see it, i was blown away!! Lauren and her family had completed re-created and decorated their (Lauren and Brandon's) garage to make a gorgeous little reception room. I literally hope more people do this in the future because it was so intimate and cozy! Lauren and Brandon had one of the best days i've ever been apart of, it was so much fun, their friends and family are so sweet and it felt nice to have a day of normal in a world of chaos.

This past year has not been easy. It's been full of unknowns, uncertainty, terror, sadness and everything in between. But the end is in sight, and we will all come out stronger. I'm so grateful for all my brides and families I get to meet each and every day. You all make it better!

Happy 1st Anniversary to Lauren and Brandon!! xox




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